CoffeeScript Application Development

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  • Write CoffeeScript everywhere, and compile it to JavaScript that can run anywhere
  • Discover techniques to manage a complicated codebase and ever-changing requirements
  • Drop the semicolons with CoffeeScript's clean, powerful syntax
  • Build for loops, if statements, and functions without all the extra keystrokes
  • Keep your code clean and organized with classes and inheritance
  • Use advanced CoffeeScript idioms to deal with the needs of a growing application
  • Debug effectively with source maps
  • Integrate CoffeeScript into your project seamlessly with Rails, Brunch, and other web frameworks
  • Utilize CoffeeScript for server-side software with Node.js

JavaScript is becoming one of the key languages in web development. It is now more important than ever across a growing list of platforms. CoffeeScript puts the fun back into JavaScript programming with elegant syntax and powerful features.

CoffeeScript Application Development will give you an in-depth look at the CoffeeScript language, all while building a working web application. Along the way, you'll see all the great features CoffeeScript has to offer, and learn how to use them to deal with real problems like sprawling codebases, incomplete data, and asynchronous web requests.

Through the course of this book you will learn the CoffeeScript syntax and see it demonstrated with simple examples. As you go, you'll put your new skills into practice by building a web application, piece by piece. You'll start with standard language features such as loops, functions, and string manipulation. Then, we’ll delve into advanced features like classes and inheritance. Learn advanced idioms to deal with common occurrences like external web requests, and hone your technique for development tasks like debugging and refactoring.

CoffeeScript Application Development will teach you not only how to write CoffeeScript, but also how to build solid applications that run smoothly and are a pleasure to maintain.

  • Learn the ins and outs of the CoffeeScript language, and understand how the transformation happens behind the scenes
  • Use practical examples to put your new skills to work towards building a functional web application, written entirely in CoffeeScript
  • Understand the language concepts from short, easy-to-understand examples which can be practised by applying them to your ongoing project
Page Count 258
Course Length 7 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781782162667
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2013


Ian Young

Ian Young wrote his very first program on a TI-89 scientific calculator—an infinite loop that printed an insulting message to one of his friends. As one might expect, things could only improve from there. Ian graduated from Grinnell College with a degree in Computer Science, and since then has been working as a web developer for small tech companies; first in Minneapolis and now in San Diego. He loves web technology, small teams, frequent iteration, testing, beautiful ideas, free speech, free beer, and any tool that reduces cognitive overhead.