CakePHP 2 Application Cookbook

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  • Start developing quickly with a lightning-fast introduction to CakePHP
  • Handle HTTP requests and responses, and common tasks such as file uploads and Ajax calls
  • Get up-close and personal with the framework's model layer and events system
  • Discover various routing techniques and a selection of API strategies
  • Fully exploit the command line and CakePHP's shell capabilities
  • Get introduced to the fundamentals of unit testing in the framework
  • See how easily you can maintain and migrate your application's database schema

CakePHP is the most popular rapid application development framework for PHP. For over 10 years, this open source project has been the go-to solution for quickly and easily building websites and web applications.

Through a series of over 60 recipes, this book takes you from the basic building blocks of the CakePHP framework to the implementation of routine tasks that will help speed up your development even further. From routing to authentication, the model layer and the events system, as well as views and unit testing, you'll learn how to handle the ins and outs of developments using CakePHP. With fast paced recipes written by a core CakePHP member and official trainer, this book is your piece of the cake!

  • Be introduced to the fundamentals of the CakePHP framework with useful tips and tricks
  • Learn best practices and solve the most common problems direct from a CakePHP team member and official trainer
  • Create outstanding applications as efficiently as possible
Page Count 346
Course Length 10 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781782160083
Date Of Publication 5 Aug 2014


James Watts

James Watts is an experienced enterprise PHP architect, with a long track record in open source development. He is a core member of CakePHP and also handles community efforts, such as organizing CakeFest, the annual conference dedicated to the framework. He has also authored various technical specifications such as the Extended Hypertext Transfer Protocol (XHTTP) and the Documentation Markup Language (DocML). Professionally, he is the acting director of the Cake Development Corporation (CakeDC), the commercial entity behind the framework, where he works alongside Larry Masters, the founder of CakePHP.

Jorge González

Jorge González has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering as well as extensive experience in different positions from development to consulting and management, allowing him to quickly understand problems and provide effective solutions. He started using CakePHP many years ago and has never looked back since, applying the framework to several projects and domains, specifically, the hospitality and tourism sector, where he has worked for over 8 years before joining the Cake Development Corporation (CakeDC). He also runs the official CakePHP standard training course for the Cake Software Foundation and the basic workshop at CakeFest since 2013.