Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials

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  • Install and configure Confluence 5 correctly and efficiently
  • Control access to Confluence, securing your company’s valuable information and keeping it private
  • Create compelling and engaging content that’s well organized and easy to find
  • Share content effectively between and across teams for better collaboration
  • Use tasks and mentions to involve other people in Confluence and your process
  • Best practices for installing, configuring, running, and extending Confluence
  • Customize Confluence to make it look and feel a part of your organisation
  • Extend Confluence with add-ons to add extra functionality and integration

Every idea, concept, and project needs documentation, which is traditionally kept in a variety of documents on different devices. Confluence 5 centralizes that documentation and provides it in one single location, available from almost any device and location.

Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials is a practical, hands-on guide explaining not only how to install and administrate Confluence, but also everything you need to create, share, and collaborate on your documentation. This book will give you everything you need to get started with Confluence.

Before you can start creating content, Confluence needs to be available. That is exactly where we start with this book; installing Confluence. Through a number of clear, practical exercises you will go from installation and administration, to creating content and involving your teammates.

This book will teach you how to quickly create compelling content. You will learn how to involve your teammates in the process, using the Confluence workbox and share features. You will learn how Confluence can be customized with regards to look and feel, extra functionality, and integration with other tools, so that there is nothing in your way when you want to introduce Confluence 5 within your organisation.

If you need to develop better collaboration on mission critical projects, then this book is for you!

  • Create and manage project documentation with Confluence
  • Share and collaborate on documentation between departments and teams
  • Install, configure, manage, and extend Confluence
Page Count 334
Course Length 10 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849689526
Date Of Publication 9 Jun 2013


Stefan Kohler

Stefan Kohler is senior Atlassian consultant for 42, a company that specializes in Atlassian and is known for its expertise in the field. Stefan was in a big way responsible for setting 42 on Atlassian's path and making sure the company has a solid plugin development, consultancy and support offering. Stefan is a much sought-after consultant, requiring his agenda to be planned months ahead. Within the community, Stefan is a person of some renown, having set up the Dutch chapter of the Atlassian User Group in 2010. He has written a number of award-winning add-ons for Confluence and Stash, and has scored an Atlassian prize for the best website. On Atlassian Answers, Stefan is a highly appreciated contributor with his useful answers and suggestions. Stefan has extensive experience with designing and deploying Atlassian solutions. He has got Atlassian solutions working for many customers, in various industries, such as Software Engineering, Healthcare, Government, and Finance.