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  • Set up your development environment using Eclipse, Apache Ant, and MySQL
  • Extend Alfresco's content model with business-specific metadata
  • Write custom actions, metadata extractors, content transformers, and behaviors using Java and JavaScript
  • Customize the Alfresco web client with new UI actions, JavaServer Faces components, custom JSPs, dialogs, and wizards
  • Roll your own REST API to enable a front-end web site to interact with the repository via AJAX
  • Automate business processes using the embedded JBoss jBPM engine, adding logic to business processes using Alfresco's JavaScript and Java API's, and expose the business process to non-Alfresco users via a REST API
  • Create a web form to allow non-technical content owners to contribute content into the repository, transform the content using XSLT and FreeMarker, and expos the content via REST
  • Learn how to write a Java service that is accessible from the JavaScript API
  • Expose the WCM deployment actions external to the Alfresco web client using the AVM API and RESTful web scripts
  • Secure the repository by defining custom roles, configuring Alfresco to authenticate against LDAP (including setting up your own OpenLDAP server), and integrating Alfresco with JA-SIG CAS, an open source Single Sign-On (SSO) solution

Alfresco is an open source platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. ECM includes things like Document Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration/Enterprise 2.0, Digital Asset Management, Records Management, and Imaging. At its core is a repository for rich content like documents, web assets, XML, and multimedia. The repository is surrounded by a services layer (supporting both SOAP and REST) that makes getting content into and out of the repository a breeze, which is why so many next generation Internet solutions are built on Alfresco.

Implementing Alfresco usually involves extending the repository to accommodate your business-specific metadata and business logic. These extensions are done using some combination of Java, JavaScript, XML, and FreeMarker.
This book takes you through a set of exercises as if you were rolling out and customizing the platform for a fictional organization called SomeCo, which wants to roll out Alfresco enterprise-wide. Each department has a set of requirements that need addressed. We will show you how to extend Alfresco to meet these requirements. By the time you've worked through the entire book, you will be familiar with the entire platform. You'll be prepared to make your own customizations whether they are part of a Document Management solution, a web site that uses Alfresco for content storage, or an entire custom application built on Alfresco's REST API. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make Alfresco do what you need it to do

  • Learn to customize the entire Alfresco platform, including both Document Management and Web Content Management
  • Jam-packed with real-world, step-by-step examples to jump start your development
  • Content modeling, custom actions, Java API, RESTful web scripts, advanced workflow
  • This book covers Alfresco Enterprise Edition version 2.2

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Page Count 556
Course Length 16 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781847193117
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2008


Jeff Potts

Jeff Potts is the founder of Metaversant Group, Inc., a consulting firm focused on content management, search, and workflow. Jeff brings over 20 years of Enterprise Content Management implementation experience to organizations of all sizes including the Fortune 500. Throughout his consulting career he has worked on a number of projects for clients across the media and entertainment, airline, consumer packaged goods, and retail sectors.

Jeff began working with and blogging about Alfresco in November of 2005. In 2006 and 2007, he published a series of Alfresco tutorials and published them on his blog, That work, together with other Community activity in Alfresco's forum, Wiki site, and JIRA earned him Alfresco's 2007 Community Contributor of the Year Award.

In the past, Mr. Potts has worked for Alfresco Software, Inc. as Chief Community Officer, Optaros as Senior Practice Director, and Hitachi Consulting as Vice President where he ran the ECM practice.