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Alfresco 3 Cookbook

Snig Bhaumik

Over 70 recipes for implementing the most important functionalities of Alfresco
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849511087
Paperback380 pages

About This Book

  • Easy to follow cookbook allowing you to dive in wherever you want
  • Convert ideas into action using practical based recipes
  • A comprehensive collection of alfresco recipes covering the API, Freemarker templates, external integration, web client, and much more

Who This Book Is For

If you are a software developer interested in content management systems, who wants to work with Alfresco or is already experienced in Alfresco, this cookbook will get you up and running quickly. If you want rapid implementation of Alfresco’s most important and effective features then this is the cookbook for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Alfresco products
Setting up a database for Alfresco
Installing Alfresco on Windows
Installing Alfresco on Linux
Running Alfresco for the first time
Chapter 2: Creating and Organizing Contents
Creating a space
Creating content
Uploading a document
Viewing content details
Tagging a document
Categorizing content
Making a document versionable
Chapter 3: Securing and Searching Contents
Creating users
Creating groups
Adding users into groups
Securing your folders
Securing your files
Searching in Alfresco
Performing normal search
Performing advanced search
Using saved search
Chapter 4: Rules—the Smart Spaces
Understanding the components of a rule
Creating and applying rules
Understanding possible actions of a rule
Chapter 5: Alfresco Administration Console
Managing system users
Managing user groups
Managing categories
Exporting Alfresco content packages
Using the Alfresco Node Browser
Configuring the Alfresco Dashboard
Chapter 6: Customizing Alfresco Web Client
Changing the default view of Items in Space contents
Chapter 7: Alfresco Content Model
Creating new custom content type
Chapter 8: Alfresco JavaScript API
Writing and executing scripts
Add/Change contents of a document
Creating a backup copy of a document
Adding a tag to a document
Assigning permissions to a user
Debugging Alfresco JavaScript
Chapter 9: FreeMarker Templates
Creating a FreeMarker template
Displaying all documents in current space
Displaying all versions of a particular document
Displaying all assigned tasks of the current user
Displaying all spaces and sub-spaces recursively
Chapter 10: Web Scripts
Writing and deploying Web Scripts
Using the Alfresco Web Script browser
Displaying details of documents
Sending e-mails using a mail template
Chapter 11: Working with Workflows
Invoking a workflow
Creating and deploying custom workflows
Using the Alfresco Workflow Console
Chapter 12: Integrating with MS Outlook and MS Office
Integrating Alfresco with Microsoft Outlook
Integrating Alfresco with MS Outlook
Chapter 13: Configuring Alfresco E-Mail and File Servers
Configuring Alfresco to send e-mails
Sending e-mails via JavaScript API
Configuring Alfresco to receive e-mails
Configure and use Alfresco file servers
Chapter 14: Building Alfresco
Installing Subversion client - TortoiseSVN
Downloading Alfresco's source code
Compiling and building Alfresco
Running Alfresco on your machine

What You Will Learn

  • Configure your Alfresco server all without direct installer
  • Create, arrange, manage, secure, search, and expose content
  • Make your content storage business rules aware
  • Troubleshoot and integrate Alfresco with other enterprise systems and applications
  • Write your own services and solutions using Alfresco APIs
  • Integrate with your corporate systems and build an enterprise solution environment with Alfresco

In Detail

Alfresco is the renowned and multiple award winning open source Enterprise content management system which allows you to build, design, and implement your very own ECM solutions.

You have read a number of tutorials, blogs, and books on Alfresco. Now you're in the real world, trying to use Alfresco, but you’re running into problems with it. This is the book you want. Packed full of solutions that can be instantly applied, this cookbook with its practical based recipes and minimal explanation meets that demand.

This Alfresco 3 cookbook boasts a comprehensive selection of recipes covering everything from the basics to the advanced. The book has recipes for quickly installing Alfresco in Windows and Linux and helping you use custom content model, rules, and search. There is also a collection of recipes focused on creating Scripts, Freemarker templates, Web Scripts, and new workflow definitions. Steps to integrate Alfresco with other systems like MS-Office are also included. You will be able to use Alfresco’s File and Email servers. Finally, step-by-step recipes are presented to create an Alfresco build environment and compile the source code. This Alfresco 3 Cookbook is perfect for developers looking to start working on Alfresco quickly, gain complete understanding, write custom implementations, and achieve expertise very easily.


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