vCenter Troubleshooting

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  • Find out the importance of single sign-on passwords
  • Learn how to remove unwanted plugins from the vSphere environment
  • Diagnose and fix connection problems between vCenter server and the database that is used to keep the vSphere inventory
  • Understand storage problems such as how to remove a LUN from multiple ESXi hosts
  • Get knowledge on how to move your current C# (Windows) based vCenter appliance
  • Implement the components of vCenter and gain an understanding of how they can be configured to obtain the best performance
  • Explore how to recover an administrator's nightmare by knowing what to back up and how to recover it
  • Familiarize yourself with a troubleshooting approach and standard workflow that will help you discover the cause of many problems and find quick resolutions

vCenter is the main component of vSphere and also the primary interface that administrators use to set up, manage, and monitor the vSphere environment.

This book will show you how to solve some common problems you face with vCenter. We will cover troubleshooting of vCenter areas such as SQL databases, single sign-on (SSO), password issues, monitoring, storage and configuration, and operations management. We then move onto grouping the problems into logical sections where the administrator can find the issues. One of the more important discussion points is around backup and recovery of vCenter.

The later sections of the book describe problems you could face and the solutions when it comes to the vCenter database.

  • Isolate common vCenter issues and use proven troubleshooting methods to resolve them
  • Understand how the different components of vCenter work together and what to do when things do not work the way they should
  • A step-by-step guide to dealing with some of the day to day challenges and issues associated with vCenter
Page Count 184
Course Length 5 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781783554034
Date Of Publication 27 Apr 2015


Chuck Mills

Chuck Mills (@vchuckmills) has been involved in virtualization technologies for more than 12 years and has focused on using those technologies to create efficient and resilient solutions for datacenters and desktops. Chuck is currently the senior technologist for Racktop Systems, Inc. in Fulton, Maryland. Prior to joining Racktop, he was the EUC practice director for GANTECH, Inc. In his previous roles, Chuck led the efforts to create multiple datacenters that were 100 percent virtualized. He coauthored VMware Horizon 6 Desktop Virtualization Solutions and has given numerous presentations regarding the benefits of virtualization, including VMworld and VMware Partner Exchange. He is a former member of the VMware Customer Council (VCC), and coleader of the Maryland VMUG, and he has been a vExpert since 2011. Chuck also maintains a blog at that is dedicated to virtualization.