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Troubleshooting Docker

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  • Install Docker ecosystem tools and services, Microservices and N-tier applications
  • Create re-usable, portable containers with help of automation tools
  • Network and inter-link containers
  • Attach volumes securely to containers
  • Consume and troubleshoot Docker APIs
  • Troubleshooting issue of Docker deployment in Public cloud
  • Ease the process of container management with Kubernetes

This book will traverse some common best practices to for complex application scenarios where troubleshooting can be successfully employed to provide the repeatable processes and advantages that containers can deliver.

This book will be a practical guide showing how to fix real-life issues related to installation, memory, Dockerfile syntax, connection, authorization, networking and so on in Docker. This book will also teach how to solve errors that occur during advanced setup and administration and deployment in a step-by-step fashion. By sequentially working through the real-world production scenarios in each chapter throughout the book, you will gain insight into and mastery of common areas not only for effective troubleshooting, but ways and means to avoid troubleshooting in the first place. This book will also cover tips and tricks that make the workflow easier.

  • Utilize current and emergent technologies for effective Docker orchestration and management
  • A step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing problems with Docker containers
Page Count 290
Course Length 8 hours 42 minutes
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2017


John Wooten

John Wooten is the founder and CEO of CONSULTED, a global open source cloud consultancy that designs secure, succinct, and sustainable cloud architectures. As a leading cloud solutions architect and open technology strategist, John has deep and applicable realworld experience in designing, testing, deploying, and managing public, private, and hybrid cloud systems for both enterprise and government. His primary technical proficiencies include Linux systems administration, OpenStack clouds, and Docker containers. As an open source activist, John is committedly passionate and works extensively within a broad range of open source projects and communities. His latest Internet project is as the founder and maintainer of Ă–ppenSourced, a leading repository and defining resource on open source projects and applications. Otherwise, he is a self-proclaimed beach bum in search of the next surfable wave or is hiking and camping in remote locations.

Rajdeep Dua

Rajdeep Dua has over 18 years experience in the cloud and big data space. He has taught Spark and big data at some of the most prestigious tech schools in India: IIIT Hyderabad, ISB, IIIT Delhi, and Pune College of Engineering. He currently leads the developer relations team at Salesforce India. He has also presented BigQuery and Google App Engine at the W3C conference in Hyderabad. He led the developer relations teams at Google, VMware, and Microsoft, and has spoken at hundreds of other conferences on the cloud. Some of the other references to his work can be seen at Your Story and on ACM digital library. His contributions to the open source community relate to Docker, Kubernetes, Android, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry.

Vaibhav Kohli

Vaibhav Kohli at present is working in VMware's R&D Department and earlier taught computer engineering for a year at the esteemed University of Mumbai. He works for the office of the CTO, VMware IoT (Internet of Things) project. He has published many research papers in leading journals, IEEE transactions, and has filed patents at VMware on container technology. One of his big data projects has won the top prize at the national-level project showcase event. He has conducted workshops, hackathons, training sessions, and trade shows in many countries and is a reputed & established speaker at conferences on IoT and Docker technology. He is an active open source code contributor, repository manager and has also published many online Docker & Kubernetes tutorials. He has helped many customers and organizations to understand cloud-native apps, DevOps model and migrate to micro-service architecture. He has also recently published a book on Docker Networking.

Vaibhav manages and leads various meetup groups across India on the latest cutting-edge Docker and Kubernetes technologies.