Learning VMware NSX

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  • Explore the foundational components of VMware NSX
  • Install and configure NSX manager and its components using best practices
  • Deploy and configure VXLAN-enabled logical switches
  • Secure your environment using Distributed Firewall and Data Security
  • Configure third-party services in NSX
  • Manage, configure, and deploy edge gateway services
  • Understand software-defined networks

VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform that emerged from VMware. It is a platform for the software-defined data center. This software networking platform allows complex networking topologies to be deployed programmatically in seconds. SDNs allow ease of deployment, management, and automation in deploying and maintaining new networks while reducing and in some cases completely eliminating the need to deploy traditional networks.

In Learning VMware NSX, you will see some of these features of SDN and explore VMware NSX, starting with network virtualization. We’ll then walk you through the components of NSX and provide step-by-step instructions to help you install and configure NSX. We also cover all the functional services of NSX, edge services gateway, service composer, and data security. In addition, we’ll teach you to integrate partner solutions with NSX. Finally, we show you how to manage your NSX deployment and monitor NSX.

  • Understand VMware NSX’s foundational components and architecture and discover best practices to help you manage VMware NSX
  • Learn about the important aspects of VMware NSX 6.2 including installation, managing, monitoring, and configuring
  • Learn to manage VMware NSX using best practices to elevate your skills in deploying VMware NSX in your environment
Page Count 220
Course Length 6 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781785886881
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2016


Ranjit Singh Thakurratan

Ranjit Singh Thakurratan is a two-time published author and has over 10 years of multicloud expertise and works as a Principal Chief Architect at DellEMC. Ranjit holds a master's degree in Information Technology—infrastructure assurance and an engineering degree in computer science. He has presented at numerous conferences held at Boston, Washington DC, New York, Denver, and Dallas. He runs a technology blog and he can be reached via his Twitter handle, @RJAPPROVES and on Linkedin at RJApproves. Apart from technology, Ranjit is also interested in astrophysics, animal welfare, and open source projects.