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  • How to install Citrix XenServer
  • Discover different XenServer licenses and their features
  • Create virtual machines and perform management operations like taking snapshots
  • Learn how to import and export virtual machines in different formats
  • Convert physical machines to virtual ones using XenConvert
  • Learn how different storage formats and storage repositories can be created easily
  • Get to know basic concepts related to networking, storage, and memory related to virtual machines

Virtualization is the present and the future of the technological world and to keep up with the latest trends is critical for all of us. With cloud technology gaining popularity day by day it is important to get familiar with the basics and move quickly to a practical implementation. Citrix is one of the leading virtualization and cloud technology vendors and the number one choice of experts around the globe.

Implementing Citrix XenServer Quick Starter is a practical, hands-on guide which will walk you through a series of steps from the initial installation of Citrix XenServer to more advanced topics and enables you to readily build your own virtual environments.

Implementing Citrix XenServer Quick Starter starts with the background knowledge related to XenServer and quickly moves on to your very first installation of Citrix XenServer. From there we move on to the creation of virtual machines and browse through various concepts related to virtual machine management, helping you get to grips with the virtual machine administrator role.

You will get a complete, practical, and hands-on experience along with the required knowledge of all the core components involved in deploying and maintaining a virtualization environment.

  • A simple and quick start guide for any system admin who wants to step into the latest and hottest virtualization technology
  • Learn how to convert physical machines to virtual ones using XenConvert
  • Get to grips with the advanced features of Citrix XenServer
Page Count 134
Course Length 4 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849689823
Date Of Publication 17 Jun 2013


Gohar Ahmed

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