AWS Networking Cookbook

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  • Create basic network in AWS
  • Create production grade network in AWS
  • Create global scale network in AWS
  • Security and Compliance with AWS Network
  • Troubleshooting, best practices and limitations of AWS network
  • Pricing model of AWS network components
  • Route 53 and Cloudfront concepts and routing policies
  • VPC Automation using Ansible and CloudFormation

This book starts with practical recipes on the fundamentals of cloud networking and gradually moves on to configuring networks and implementing infrastructure automation. This book then supplies in-depth recipes on networking components like Network Interface, Internet Gateways, DNS, Elastic IP addresses, and VPN CloudHub. Later, this book also delves into designing, implementing, and optimizing static and dynamic routing architectures, multi-region solutions, and highly available connectivity for your enterprise.

Finally, this book will teach you to troubleshoot your VPC's network, increasing your VPC's efficiency. By the end of this book, you will have advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts and technologies and will have mastered implementing infrastructure automation and optimizing your VPC.

  • Master AWS networking concepts with AWS Networking Cookbook.
  • Design and implement highly available connectivity and multi-regioned AWS solutions
  • A recipe-based guide that will eliminate the complications of AWS networking.
  • A guide to automate networking services and features
Page Count 366
Course Length 10 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781787123243
Date Of Publication 23 Aug 2017


Satyajit Das

Satyajit Das has sixteen years of industry experience including around four years of experience in AWS and Google cloud. He helped internal and external customers for defining architecture of applications to be hosted in cloud. He has defined migration factory and led teams for application migration. He has used Enterprise architecture framework to define application, data and infrastructure architecture and migrate solutions to AWS cloud. He applied architected, designed and implemented high available, scalable and fault-tolerant applications using Micro-Architecture paradigm and used cloud-native architecture in AWS. He has also been involved with cloud CoE and Governance setup, defining best practices, policies and guidelines for Service implementations. He has lead large teams for solution delivery and execution. He has experience across industry domains like manufacturing, finance, consulting, and government.

Jhalak Modi

Jhalak Modi is a DevOps engineer with a deep interest and expertise in implementing large-scale cloud, big data, CI/CD, and automation solutions on a variety of public/private/hybrid clouds, as well as on-premises. She is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and DevOps professional with more than 10 certifications in trending technologies.

She is also a public speaker at AWS events, universities, meet-ups, and corporate trainings. Currently, working with KOGENTiX, Singapore, she has previously worked with Wipro Technologies and Electromech Corporation.