Ansible 2 Cloud Automation Cookbook

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  • Use Ansible Vault to protect secrets
  • Understand how Ansible modules interact with cloud providers to manage resources
  • Build cloud-based resources for your application
  • Create resources beyond simple virtual machines
  • Write tasks that can be reused to create resources multiple times
  • Work with self-hosted clouds such as OpenStack and Docker
  • Deploy a multi-tier application on various cloud providers

Ansible has a large collection of inbuilt modules to manage various cloud resources. The book begins with the concepts needed to safeguard your credentials and explain how you interact with cloud providers to manage resources. Each chapter begins with an introduction and prerequisites to use the right modules to manage a given cloud provider. Learn about Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and other providers.  Each chapter shows you how to create basic computing resources, which you can then use to deploy an application. Finally, you will be able to deploy a sample application to demonstrate various usage patterns and utilities of resources.

  • Recipe-based approach to install and configure cloud resources using Ansible
  • Covers various cloud-related modules and their functionalities
  • Includes deployment of a sample application to the cloud resources that we create
  • Learn the best possible way to manage and automate your cloud infrastructure
Page Count 200
Course Length 6 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781788295826
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2018


Aditya Patawari

Aditya Patawari is a Systems Engineer and DevOps practitioner. He runs a consulting company where he helps organizations with several systems engineering and DevOps tools like Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes. He is an expert in managing cloud-based infrastructure and helps companies evaluate their infrastructure against various parameters. He has contributed to various open source projects, including Fedora Project and Kubernetes.

He is an international speaker on various technical topics including Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure Management, and Gap Analysis.

Vikas Aggarwal

Vikas Aggarwal is an Infrastructure Engineer and a SRE, employed with HelpShift Technologies where he is a part of the Operations team, codifying automation for managing numerous deployed application clusters across different cloud services. He also helped his previous firm Browserstack in introducing a lot of automation to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud of thousands of servers. He has matured his skills in cloud and automation in course of his career by investing big-time deploying cloud automation with various tools such as Ansible, Terraform, and more.