Data Analysis

Data needs to be cleaned to really shine. Clear the path to an effective conclusion with the art of effective data analysis.

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  1. 346 pages
    Hands-On SAS for Data Analysis
    September 2019
    Leverage the full potential of SAS to get unique, actionable insights from your data
  2. 386 pages
    SQL for Data Analytics
    August 2019
    Take your first steps to become a fully qualified data analyst by learning how to explore large relational datasets
  3. 740 pages
    Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas
    July 2019
    Get to grips with pandas - a versatile and high-performance Python library for data manipulation, analysis, and discovery
  4. 298 pages
    Hands-on Data Analysis with Scala
    May 2019

    Master scala's advanced techniques to solve real-world problems in data analysis and gain valuable insights from your data

  5. 5 hours 4 minutes
    Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas and Python 3.x [Video]
    April 2019
    Analyze and visualize your data to make it compelling and meaningful
  6. 276 pages
    Big Data Analysis with Python
    April 2019
    Get to grips with processing large volumes of data and presenting it as engaging, interactive insights using Spark and Python.
  7. 490 pages
    Data Analysis with Python
    December 2018
    Learn a modern approach to data analysis using Python to harness the power of programming and AI across your data. Detailed case studies bring this modern approach to life across visual data, social media, graph algorithms, and time series analysis.
  8. 160 pages
    Getting Started with Haskell Data Analysis
    October 2018
    Put your Haskell skills to work and generate publication-ready visualizations in no time at all.
  9. 1 hour 36 minutes
    Hands-On Big Data Analysis with Hadoop 3 [Video]
    August 2018
    Perform real-time data analytics with Hadoop
  10. 168 pages
    Hands-On Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas
    June 2018
    Get to grips with the most popular Python packages that make Data Analysis possible
  11. 570 pages
    Data Analysis with R - Second Edition
    March 2018
    Learn, by example, the fundamentals of data analysis as well as several intermediate to advanced methods and techniques ranging from classification and regression to Bayesian methods and MCMC, which can be put to immediate use.
  12. 18 hours 47 minutes
    Data Analysis with Pandas and Python [Video]
    October 2017
    Analyze data quickly and easily with Python's powerful panda library! All datasets included --- beginners welcome!
  13. 446 pages
    Data Analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics
    September 2017
    Master data management & analysis techniques with IBM SPSS Statistics 24
  14. 560 pages
    R Data Analysis Cookbook - Second Edition
    September 2017
    Over 80 recipes to help you breeze through your data analysis projects using R
  15. 412 pages
    Java Data Analysis
    September 2017
    Get the most out of the popular Java libraries and tools to perform efficient data analysis

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