Lightning Platform Enterprise Architecture - Third Edition

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  • Create and manage AppExchange packages and manage upgrades
  • Understand patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Customize mobile and desktop user experience with Lightning Web Components
  • Manage large data volumes with asynchronous processing and big data strategies
  • Implement Source Control and Continuous Integration
  • Add AI to your Application with Einstein Platform Services
  • Use Lightning External Services to integrate with external code with your Lightning Application

Salesforce Lightning platform provides your enterprise with a secure, scalable platform to build, customize, and upgrade your application as per your business requirement. This book will take you through the architecture of Lightning platform to gain a deep level understanding of how you can implement the Salesforce platform.

In this book, we will deep dive into the popular aPaas offering from Salesforce known as Lightning Platform. You will see how to build and ship enterprise-grade applications that not only leverage the platform's many productivity features but also prepare your application to harness its extensibility and customization capabilities. You will understand an advanced application's architecture concepts such as Lightning Web Components, Platform Events, among others, which are developed with a clear separation of concerns to ensure your investment endures and evolves with the platform. Finally, you will get familiar with Salesforce DX, which is used with the real-world examples in this book to develop, publish, and monitor a sample application that allows you to experience standard application life cycle processes and tools required.

By the end of this book, you will be able to develop effective business applications and explore innovative ways to meet customer demands.

  • Understand Lightning Components architecture and create modern, enterprise apps with the Lightning Component Framework
  • Apply security best practices to your Custom Lightning Components
  • Explore the advanced features of the Lightning platform to build business apps that run on mobile and desktops
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ISBN 9781789956719
Date Of Publication 25 Oct 2019