Zero to Hero Java SpringBoot and JPA Mastery with Real Project [Video]

By Ranjan Pandey
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About this video

This course will make you experience how projects are developed in software companies using modern stacks like Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring Data JPA, and RESTful webservices. In this course, you will be understanding how different technology and its components work together to build a real-world application that end users are able to use in real life.

We will also learn to relate different concepts with real-world examples. You will learn different concepts of Spring Framework and RESTful webservices, different design patterns like Singleton, Prototype, Factory, MVC, Adapter, and so on, and create a production-ready application in a layered architecture. You will also look at ORM and Spring data JPA (Java Persistence API), Entity Relationship in Spring Data JPA, and implement Swagger API documentation. Next, you will implement application health monitoring, solve code quality issues using the Sonar Scan tool, and explore Maven build management tool.

Finally, you will learn to test applications with the Postman client and develop a real-world project which you can use for yourself.

By the end of this course, you will have built a real-world application that end-users are able to use in real life, titled Property Management System with the help of concepts learned throughout the course’s journey.

All the resource files are added to the GitHub repository at:

Publication date:
July 2022
9 hours 51 minutes

About the Author
  • Ranjan Pandey

    Ranjan Pandey is a full stack DevOps software professional with over 11 years of experience in a variety of technologies ranging from web and mobile application development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Python, Flask, Django, NodeJS, Express, Android, Ionic, React Native, Flutter to artificial intelligence and cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. He is a certified professional in Java, Azure Cloud, and Backbase products and has experience in working with multiple MNCs and European clients. He is also a corporate trainer providing a wide range of training.

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Zero to Hero Java SpringBoot and JPA Mastery with Real Project [Video]
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