Web Forms - 2022 Build and Master Advanced Web Forms [Video]

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About this video

An HTML form is another name for a webform. It’s a site where people can enter data, which is then processed by a server.

This course will give you solid fundamentals and practicals regarding forms. It can be taken alone (you don’t need to do any other course) to achieve your goals. You will emerge from this course with an advanced understanding and practical experience of building forms. It will take you to the point where you will understand what method (GET or POST) to use when sending form data, how to define where the data goes, and how to perform advanced client-side validation (checking errors on the form before it is sent to the server), how to write custom pattern validation rules (using regular expressions), how to run servers, and how to view all HTTP request information. This is awesome knowledge.

This course will captivate you and catapult you to the next level and set you well on your way to becoming a true grandmaster in front-end webform development.

By the end of this course, you will be able to "speak” and "walk” FORMS by gaining an understanding of how you can build it, manipulate it, and style it in meaningful and practical ways. We dig deeper into every lecture, and this course has many bonus lectures that will extend your knowledge base and test your skills.

All the resources are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Web-Forms---2022-Build-and-Master-Advanced-Web-Forms

Publication date:
May 2022
21 hours 18 minutes


Course Introduction


Introduction to Forms


How Are Web Forms Created?


Why Do We Need to Wrap Our Web Form in a <form> Element?


Quick Recap on Web Forms


Project Introduction - Let's Build a Web Form


Profile Header - Setting It Up


Profile Header - Finishing It Off


Creating Our First Web Form Widget <input>


A Little More Information about the <input> Element


Styling Our <input> Widget


Creating an Email Widget


Introduction to Radio Buttons


Building Our Radio Button


Take a Step Back: Radio Buttons


Styling Our Radio Button


Adding a Dropdown Menu to Our Web Form


Adding a textarea Widget to Our Web Form


Adding a Checkbox to Our Web Form


Adding a Submit Button to Our Web Form


What Happens When You Submit a Form?


Recap of the Entire Section



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Web Forms - 2022 Build and Master Advanced Web Forms [Video]
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