Web Development with Django - Second Edition

By Ben Shaw , Saurabh Badhwar , Bharath Chandra K S and 1 more
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About this book

Do you want to develop reliable and secure applications which stand out from the crowd, rather than spending hours on boilerplate code? Then Django framework is where you should begin. Often referred to as a 'batteries included' web development framework, Django comes with all the core features needed to build a standalone application.

Web Development with Django takes this philosophy and equips you with the knowledge and confidence to build real-world applications using Python.

This book starts with the essential concepts necessary to learn Django. Then we cover its major features by building a website called Bookr – a repository for book reviews. This end-to-end case study is split into a series of bitesize projects that are presented as exercises and activities, allowing you to challenge yourself in an enjoyable and attainable way.

As you progress further, you'll learn various practical skills, including how to serve static files to add CSS, JavaScript, and images to your application, how to implement forms to accept user input, and how to manage sessions to ensure a reliable user experience. Throughout this book, you'll cover daily key tasks that are part of the development cycle of a real-world web application.

By the end of this book, you'll have the skills and confidence to creatively develop and deploy your own projects with Django.

Publication date:
February 2023

About the Authors

  • Ben Shaw

    Ben Shaw is a software engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked as a developer for over 14 years and has been building websites with Django since 2007. In that time, his experience has helped many different types of companies, ranging in size from start-ups to large enterprises. He is also interested in machine learning, data science, automating deployments, and DevOps. When not programming, Ben enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his partner and son.

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  • Saurabh Badhwar

    Saurabh Badhwar is an infrastructure engineer who works on building tools and frameworks that enhance developer productivity. A major part of his work involves using Python to develop services that scale to thousands of concurrent users. He is currently employed at LinkedIn and works on infrastructure performance tools and services.

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  • Bharath Chandra K S

    Bharath Chandra K S lives in Sydney, Australia, and has over 10 years of software industry experience. He is very passionate about software development on the Python stack, including frameworks such as Flask and Django. He has experience working with both monolithic and microservice architectures and has built various public-facing applications and data processing backend systems. When not cooking up software applications, he likes to cook food.

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  • Chris Guest

    Chris Guest started programming in Python 20 years ago, when it was an obscure academic language. He has since used his Python knowledge in the publishing, hospitality, medical, and academic sectors. Throughout his career, he has worked with many Python web development frameworks, including Zope, TurboGears, web2py, and Flask, although he still prefers Django.

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Web Development with Django - Second Edition
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