Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner's Course [Video]

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By David Nixon
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About this video

What do blockbuster games like Gears of War, Mass Effect, Borderlands, and BioShock have in common? Of course, they are hugely popular with an excellent reception from critics and gamers alike. However, a common aspect of these games, which also is a secret behind their tremendous success, is the cutting-edge Unreal Engine. It is using this engine that you'll begin your game development journey.

You start by learning how to get Unreal Engine 4 up and running and understanding the basic concepts of game development. With the basics mastered, you will learn the skills you need to craft beautiful environments to stage your games in. Later, learning how to script logic for your games will help you define game rules and behaviors, keep track of data such as health and inventory, and create playable characters. Using the UMG Editor, you will learn how to create user interfaces, so you can add menus, load screens, and HUDs to your game. And finally, you will learn how audio works within the Engine so that you can add music, dialogue, and sound effects to your game.

Completing this course will give you the skills necessary to translate your ideas into playable games; games that use environments and logic crafted by you, powered by the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4.

Publication date:
June 2018
10 hours 11 minutes

About the Author
  • David Nixon

    David Nixon is a professional software developer with a degree in computer science from Florida Atlantic University. He is a lifelong video game aficionado who started with the Atari 2600 and never looked back. He enjoys music, reading, and sports in his spare time.

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Latest Reviews (2 reviews total)
A quick start to using the unreal engine.
Nice starting point, good foundation for your own projects
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Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner's Course [Video]
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