Unity 2022 Mobile Game Development - Third Edition

By John P. Doran
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About this book

Unity is an established player in the mobile game development sphere, and its new release, Unity 2022, has a lot of new features

In Unity 2022 Mobile Game Development, the third edition in this popular series, as well as exploring these new features, you'll get to grips with this renowned game engine by building a mobile game and publishing it on the most popular mobile app stores

The book takes a step-by-step and hands-on approach to building an endless runner game to help you learn the concepts of mobile game development. After you've set up your simple Unity project and got it ready for mobile development, you'll cover everything you need to know to build your game and publish it, from adding touch gestures to monetizing your game with Unity Ads and in-app purchases, from building a UI to integrating social media into your game. You'll gain insights into how players like and use your game using Unity's analytics tools, and you'll take your games into the real world with the augmented reality features of Unity 2022 and make them really shine

By the end of the book, the power of Unity 2022 to build, optimize, and publish robust cross-platform mobile games with C# will be at your fingertips, widening your skillset and enhancing your credentials as a game developer

Publication date:
January 2023

About the Author

  • John P. Doran

    John P. Doran is a passionate and seasoned Technical Game Designer, Software Engineer, and Author who is based in Incheon, South Korea. His passion for game development began at an early age. He later graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. For over a decade, John has gained extensive hands-on expertise in game development working in various roles ranging from game designer to lead UI programmer working in teams consisting of just himself to over 70 people in student, mod, and professional game projects including working at LucasArts on Star Wars: 1313. Additionally, John has worked in game development education teaching in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. To date, he has authored over 10 books pertaining to game development. John is currently a Technical Game Design Instructor at George Mason University Korea. Prior to his present ventures, he was an award-winning videographer.

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Unity 2022 Mobile Game Development - Third Edition
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