The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course [Video]

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By Anthony Gore
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About this video

This Course contains all Vue concepts from beginner to advanced, way to create a universal application with server-side rendering and uses popular plugins from the Vue ecosystem like vue-router and vue-resources.

Style and Approach

The course will introduce the viewers to fundamentals of Vue.Js. Followed by lessons on development tools like Webpack and end with creation of a universal application with server-side rendering.

Publication date:
July 2017
13 hours 1 minute

About the Author
  • Anthony Gore

    Anthony Gore is a full-stack web developer from Sydney, Australia. He loves to share knowledge about web technologies, with a particular passion for JavaScript.

    Anthony is the founder of Vue.js Developers, the largest online community of Vue enthusiasts, and curates the weekly Vue.js Developers Newsletter. He is also a frequent blogger and the author of the Ultimate Vue.js Developers video course.

    Besides web development, Anthony is a keen musician and is often travelling abroad and working remotely.

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The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course [Video]
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