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For over 20 years, SAS has been the programming language of choice in many industries such as pharma, finance, and insurance, thanks to its ability to handle large amounts of data and its powerful analytics and visualization capabilities. As powerful as SAS programming is, it is also incredibly accessible.

This course is designed to strengthen your existing knowledge of SAS so that you can use SAS procedures to reveal amazing insights within your data. While the course is an accelerated path to learning advanced SAS programming designed for advanced users, its visual and immersive style of delivery will help you not just comprehend the concepts easier and faster but retain them as well.

The first section of the course teaches you how to build powerful code using SAS Macros. That way, you can significantly reduce your coding lines to make your code reusable and efficient. The second section will teach you how to combine the power of SAS and SQL in one procedure called PROC SQL. You will use SAS OnDemand, which is free to download and install on a PC or Mac.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build complex SAS programming code using macros, write powerful SQL queries in SAS to extract, analyze, and visualize data, and prepare for advanced SAS certification exams.

All resources and code files are available at:https://github.com/PacktPublishing/The-Simplest-Guide-to-Advanced-SAS-Programming-Macros-Proc-SQL

Publication date:
February 2021
3 hours 50 minutes

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  • Aslam Khan

    Aslam Khan works with businesses in understanding their complex problems, surfacing their business needs and offering viable technical solutions, overseeing change management, program benefits realization, and organizational project management. He has also worked in the clinical data management, biostatistics, and SAS programming areas of the life sciences industry.

    He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a SAS Base and Advanced Certified Programmer, with a master’s degree in management information systems.

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The Simplest Guide™ to Advanced SAS Programming | Macros | Proc SQL [Video]
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