TensorFlow 2.0 Quick Start Guide

2.7 (3 reviews total)
By Tony Holdroyd
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  1. Section 1: Introduction to TensorFlow 2.00 Alpha

About this book

TensorFlow is one of the most popular machine learning frameworks in Python. With this book, you will improve your knowledge of some of the latest TensorFlow features and will be able to perform supervised and unsupervised machine learning and also train neural networks.

After giving you an overview of what's new in TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha, the book moves on to setting up your machine learning environment using the TensorFlow library. You will perform popular supervised machine learning tasks using techniques such as linear regression, logistic regression, and clustering.

You will get familiar with unsupervised learning for autoencoder applications. The book will also show you how to train effective neural networks using straightforward examples in a variety of different domains.

By the end of the book, you will have been exposed to a large variety of machine learning and neural network TensorFlow techniques.

Publication date:
March 2019


Section 1: Introduction to TensorFlow 2.00 Alpha

In this section, we will introduce TensorFlow 2.00 alpha. We will begin with an overview of the major features of this machine learning ecosystem and see some examples of its use. We will then introduce TensorFlow's high-level Keras API. We will end the section with an investigation of artificial neural network technologies and techniques.

This section contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introducing TensorFlow 2
  • Chapter 2, Keras, a High-Level API for TensorFlow 2
  • Chapter 3, ANN Technologies Using TensorFlow 2

About the Author

  • Tony Holdroyd

    Tony Holdroyd's first degree, from Durham University, was in maths and physics. He also has technical qualifications, including MCSD, MCSD.net, and SCJP. He holds an MSc in computer science from London University. He was a senior lecturer in computer science and maths in further education, designing and delivering programming courses in many languages, including C, C+, Java, C#, and SQL. His passion for neural networks stems from research he did for his MSc thesis. He has developed numerous machine learning, neural network, and deep learning applications, and has advised in the media industry on deep learning as applied to image and music processing. Tony lives in Gravesend, Kent, UK, with his wife, Sue McCreeth, who is a renowned musician.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
It doesn't present Tensorflow 2.0 very well. Power content.
Easy purchase, payment and immediate access to eBook.
I bought this book for the section on RNNs and that's where I jumped straight to. Unfortunately, pretty much everything that chapter says on the subject, including the example it offers, is easily found for free on the TF2 itself. The chapter in the book is little more than a copy of the guide (found here: https://www.tensorflow.org/alpha/tutorials/text/text_generation) and the book doesn't go any further, just the one chapter. I can't speak for the other chapters.
TensorFlow 2.0 Quick Start Guide
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