Tony Holdroyd

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Tony Holdroyd's first degree, from Durham University, was in maths and physics. He also has technical qualifications, including MCSD,, and SCJP. He holds an MSc in computer science from London University. He was a senior lecturer in computer science and maths in further education, designing and delivering programming courses in many languages, including C, C+, Java, C#, and SQL. His passion for neural networks stems from research he did for his MSc thesis. He has developed numerous machine learning, neural network, and deep learning applications, and has advised in the media industry on deep learning as applied to image and music processing. Tony lives in Gravesend, Kent, UK, with his wife, Sue McCreeth, who is a renowned musician.

Books from Tony Holdroyd

  1. TensorFlow 2.0 Quick Start Guide
    Perform supervised and unsupervised machine learning and learn advanced techniques such as training neural networks.