Simplifying Service Management with Consul

By Rob Jackson
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About this book

Within the elastic and dynamic nature of cloud computing, efficient and accurate service discovery provides the cornerstone for all communications. HashiCorp Consul enables this service discovery efficiently and securely, independent of the operating environment. This book will help you build a solid understanding of both the concepts and applications of HashiCorp Consul.

You'll begin by finding out what you can do with Consul, focusing on the conceptual views of configuration samples along with Terraform code to expedite lab environment and hands-on experimentation, which will enable you to apply Consul effectively in your everyday lives. As you advance, you'll learn how to set up your own Consul cluster and agents in a single datacenter or location and understand how Consul utilizes RAFT and GOSSIP protocols for communication. You'll also explore the practical applications of primary Consul use cases including communication flows and configuration and code examples. With that knowledge, you'll extend Consul across datacenters to discuss the applicability of multiple regions, multiple clouds, and hybrid cloud environments.

By the end of this Consul book, you will have the tools needed to create and operate your own Consul cluster and be able to facilitate your service discovery and communication.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Rob Jackson

    Rob earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1997, and since then has found himself in a multitude of pre and post sales positions with various successful startups, mostly in the network access technology space. He has played multiple roles over the course of his career including Sales Engineer, Solutions Engineer, Integration Engineer, Network Engineer, and Product Manager. Throughout all of the engineering positions he never learned to drive a train, but he was able to experience the digital transformation from traditional data centers to cloud computing from multiple viewpoints. He is currently employed at HashiCorp as a Senior Solutions Engineer, based in the Northeast area of the United States.

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