Simplifying Android Development with Coroutines and Flows

By Jomar Tigcal
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    Chapter 1: Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Android
About this book
Coroutines and flows are the new recommended way for developers to carry out asynchronous programming in Android using simple, modern, and testable code. This book will teach you how coroutines and flows work and how to use them in building Android applications, along with helping you to develop modern Android applications with asynchronous programming using real data. The book begins by showing you how to create and handle Kotlin coroutines on Android. You’ll explore asynchronous programming in Kotlin, and understand how to test Kotlin coroutines. Next, you'll learn about Kotlin flows on Android, and have a closer look at using Kotlin flows by getting to grips with handling flow cancellations and exceptions and testing the flows. By the end of this book, you'll have the skills you need to build high-quality and maintainable Android applications using coroutines and flows.
Publication date:
July 2022


Part 1 – Kotlin Coroutines on Android

In this part, we will introduce the concept of asynchronous programming and discuss the new and recommended way to do it with Coroutines. We’ll learn how to create coroutines, handle cancelations and exceptions, and test them.

This section comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Android
  • Chapter 2, Understanding Kotlin Coroutines
  • Chapter 3, Handling Coroutine Cancelations and Exceptions
  • Chapter 4, Testing Kotlin Coroutines
About the Author
  • Jomar Tigcal

    Jomar Tigcal is an Android developer with over 10 years of experience in mobile and software development. He worked on various stages of app development for small startups to large companies. Jomar has also given talks and conducted training and workshops on Android. In his free time, he likes running and reading. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife Celine.

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Simplifying Android Development with Coroutines and Flows
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