ServiceNow IT Operations Management [Video]

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By Ajaykumar Guggilla
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About this video

ServiceNow ITOM enables infrastructure and processes to be managed in a highly automated manner. It contains various segments that ensure its applications and enterprise infrastructures are optimized for high performance and helps in creating a lean and agile organization through service level visibility and automation.

This video course is a comprehensive guide based on the Geneva release and will help you discover how IT activities can be connected to your business needs, rather than just focusing on the internal IT process. It takes a service-centric approach to operations management and consolidates all your resource data into a single-system IT record. You will learn about discovery, orchestration, and MID server and cloud management, helping you take full advantage of ServiceNow IT operation management to improve the quality of service and increase service availability.

By the end of the course, you will be able to achieve improved service availability, the immediate visibility of vital business services, and much more, all from the convenience of your single screen.

Style and Approach

A step-by-step learning guide to help readers implement ServiceNow IT Operations Management for their organizations.

Publication date:
November 2017
2 hours 8 minutes

About the Author

  • Ajaykumar Guggilla

    Ajaykumar Guggilla is the holder of a Masters in computer applications and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Information Technology, and Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Expert, Microsoft Certified Professional, PRINCE2, and ServiceNow administrator. Ajay has 19 years' experience in the IT industry. Ajay started his career as a hardcore programmer and evolved to take on many positions at reputable organizations, including Cognizant, PwC, and Sathyam. Ajay has diversified his experience to include IT service delivery, IT infrastructure, enterprise systems, improving quality and maturity, CRM solutions, adopting service management solutions, SAP support, data center migrations, IT Service Management (ITSM)/ITIL, and ServiceNow solutions.

    His experience from previous job roles extends to the program manager, IT architect, process owner, process lead, director, project manager, engagement manager, process manager, reporting champion, and global production roles. Ajay has worked with fortune customers in oil and gas, chemicals, automobiles and parts, healthcare, retail, media, travel and leisure, insurance, telecommunications, banks, media and entertainment, insurance, financial services, technology, and intergovernmental organizations.

    His knowledge has helped many organizations in numerous ways, including defining their strategy, streamlining the service management process, optimizing cost, adhering to compliance requirements, increasing customer satisfaction, process maturity, technology adoption, infrastructure transformation and consolidation, and much more.

    Ajay started working with ServiceNow five years back. He has worked on different engagements in helping organizations select their service management tool, has managed ServiceNow programs, has solutioned, architected, and handled end-to-end implementations, and performed process automation and version migrations. He is passionate about working on ServiceNow and loves the product, which led him to write this book on ITOM to help individuals and organizations improve their operational excellence by implementing ITOM capabilities.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
I was unaware of ServiceNow's existence. When I am informed about any new technology the very first thing that I do is the check with Pact Publishing to see if there are any resources available. When I hit discover a tutorial or a publication I feel that I have hit pay dirt. I can immediately inform my self regardless of the complexity because the knowledge of structured such that one can view it again and again until it is understood. This is exactly what the ServiceNow IT Operations Management video had done for me. It is a light in the pitch black night!
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