Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x - Novice To Ninja [Video]

By Lets Kode It
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  1. Introduction

About this video

This course includes a wide range of topics from Selenium WebDriver basics and advanced, Python programming concepts, Unittest and Pytest frameworks, automation framework design (Page Objects, Data Driven, Reading CSV Files), logging infrastructure, cross-browser testing, interview preparation. All the materials are provided including the code files. You achieve two targets with one single course - The complete Python programming language and Selenium WebDriver automation. We start from beginners' level and go through to advanced level. This is a single course for everything you need to know related to Web UI automation.

Style and Approach

We assume that students have no experience in automation/coding and start every topic from scratch and from the basics. Examples are taken from testing real-time hosted web applications to understand how different components can be automated, to give you and idea of an industry level framework and give you confidence. No prior coding or automation experience needed, this course covers all the necessary topics. Get more than 20 hours of unique content with real example code files provided to refer to and learn with examples.

Publication date:
June 2018
26 hours 57 minutes

About the Author

  • Lets Kode It

    Lets Kode It are here with a mission to teach everyone a new skill doing what they've always wanted to do. Whether it be programming or creating a professional looking MS Word document, they believe anyone can code and coding is not something out of this world. Coding can be of different types and in different areas: some may want to become a web developer where it's about front-end languages, some choose to become a back-end developer, while others choose to become hands-on testers with automation, where the domain is completely different from development. They believe you only need to be willing to learn and everything else follows. They are a group of software professionals with more than 10 years of expertise in different areas of software industries. They excel from software inception to implementation. Their goal is to offer high-quality technology courses which suit a newbie as well as an intermediate. They focus on the technology which is essential to perform in today's job market. Their instructors are Masters graduated from reputed universities. Their instructors have over 10 years of industrial experience and working as team leads in multinational companies. Their expertise is in various fields of SDLC from application development and testing to system administration.

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