Selenium Python Automation Testing from Scratch and Frameworks [Video]

By Rahul Shetty
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  1. Python Testing and its Importance

About this video

Python is a popular choice for implementing Artificial Intelligence and web security in any application. This made the Quality Assurance (QA) industry to shift its focus to Python for implementing test automation to support AI projects. This course will help you to perform testing with Python automation using Selenium WebDriver.

The course begins with the installation process of Python and Selenium. Next, you will cover the basics of Python and move on to grasp the important topics that will help you to write flawless programs in Python. Moving ahead, you will run tests in different browsers with the help of the Selenium Python package. Next, you will run a unit test in Pytest testing framework and develop an end-to-end Selenium Python framework from scratch. Then, you will integrate the Selenium Python framework into the Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) tool and read and write data from Excel to Selenium Python framework. Towards the end, you will get an overview of the version control system in Git, and tips for passing your job interview.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use Python and Selenium for performing automation testing of applications.

The code bundle for this course is available at

Publication date:
January 2021
16 hours 30 minutes

About the Author

  • Rahul Shetty

    Rahul Shetty is the founder and trainer at Rahul Shetty Academy. He is a passionate software tester and has 13 years of rich experience in the IT industry. He has completed more than 300 offline training batches. Rahul has extensive knowledge in web automation testing, mobile automation testing, and API automation testing. He has also worked with various CMM-level organizations and managed the setup of QA processes for projects.

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