Rahul Shetty

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Rahul Shetty is the founder and trainer at Rahul Shetty Academy. He is a passionate software tester and has 13 years of rich experience in the IT industry. He has completed more than 300 offline training batches. Rahul has extensive knowledge in web automation testing, mobile automation testing, and API automation testing. He has also worked with various CMM-level organizations and managed the setup of QA processes for projects.

Books from Rahul Shetty

  1. Hands-On Automation Testing with Java for Beginners
    Learn Java programming concepts to design automation testing frameworks
  2. Web Services/Rest API Testing with SoapUI and Real-time Projects [Video]
    Join with us-"Most Popular SoapUI Test automation Course - "15000+ students learning together with great collaboration"
  3. Selenium WebDriver with Java - Basics to Advanced and Frameworks [Video]
    Join with us-"Top Ranked #1 Master Selenium java course - 30,000+ students learning together with great collaboration
  4. REST API Automation Testing from Scratch - REST Assured Java [Video]
    Join the "Most popular REST API course" - 3000+ students learning together with great collaboration"
  5. Learn SQL and Database Testing from Scratch (including Unix Material) [Video]
    Every IT Job Needs SQL Knowledge. This Course Teaches All you Need to Know from Scratch
  6. Learn Protractor (Angular Testing) from Scratch with Framework [Video]
    Start by learning the basics of Protractor API and gradually move towards designing flawless automation testing frameworks using JavaScript, Jasmine, TypeScript, and Cucumber.
  7. Design a Selenium Test Framework from Scratch-Architect level [Video]
    Step-by-step tutorial to build robust automation frameworks - TestNG, ANT, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, Git, Pageobject, Cloud,SQL
  8. Cucumber with the Java-Build Automation Framework with Minimal Code [Video]
    Learn how to create a complete Cucumber behavior-driven development (BDD) approach to design a powerful testing framework with minimal code
  9. Complete Java for Automation Testers from Scratch [Video]
    A step-by-step practical tutorial to master Java with tons of programming examples and interview questions
  10. Appium(Selenium)-Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch [Video]
    Appium -Top class 200 +Lectures on Mobile Automation from basics to Framework level with real time examples
  11. Learn JMeter from Scratch on Live Applications - Performance Testing [Video]
    Unlock JMeter tools and techniques to find out how much load your application can handle.
  12. Cypress - Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework [Video]
    Learn Cypress (the future of automation) for front-end web testing and integration (XHR/API) testing with real-time examples.
  13. Selenium Python Automation Testing from Scratch and Frameworks [Video]
    Learn Python programming and Selenium Python automation from basic to advanced level