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To push your applications from good enough to great, we look at a variety of more complex topics. We start with optimization in the world of Scala, covering a few handy features in the language that let you reduce the overhead of for certain operations. We also take a thorough look at Scala’'s implicit keyword and the various ways it can be used to employ the Scala's smart compiler’s smarts to make your code easier to extend. Scala’'s interactions with Java can be a sticking point during debugging, profiling, and in more advanced scenarios where Java libraries have useful functions you want to use from Scala; we look at all of these scenarios to get a better understanding of this interaction point. We then look at Scala’'s support for mutability and immutability, and the best ways to decide between the two in practical scenarios. Finally, we touch on a few more advanced tips and tricks---—a grab-bag of useful knowledge that can come in handy any time.

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This video, is an easy-to-follow guide full of packed with examples, to will help you gain an in-depth understanding of Scala. This video showcases the powerful features of Scala recipes

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June 2018
3 hours 12 minutes

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  • Antonio Salazar Cardozo

    Antonio Salazar Cardozo is a developer who has led small teams from his classes at Georgia Tech and through each company he has contributed to. He is a software pragmatist and perfectionist who values great software that is written for humans first, and loves to help teams find the development and interaction styles that make them deliver the best software to solve the problems they are solving. Between startups and larger companies, he has worked on most aspects of web and non-web systems, and loves to see how each piece of software is received and how it can improve. When he's not leaving honest, extensive code review, he's been known to travel and enjoys visiting both new and old places far from home.

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I have understood many things in Scala and Functional Programming.

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