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Today, apps are everywhere, and most of these apps run on complex cloud-based backends. ASP.NET Web API allows you to easily create and deploy Web APIs to be consumed in a RESTful manner by developers to build rich and interactive applications. This video course is a great starting point for any web developer who wants to create simple web APIs in minutes. By applying your knowledge of ASP.NET in conjunction with the information provided in this video tutorial, you will learn to master the art of building RESTful services by example. The video course begins with a brief introduction that will soon get you up to speed with the framework, and will then get you building a fully functional Web API from scratch during the course of the tutorial. You will learn some of the important features of ASP.NET Web API and how it aligns to the REST standard. You will explore the different implementation strategies and get familiar with some security implementations and ways to extend your APIs, including how to wire up the client-side to the service. The tutorial also contains information on automatic documentation generation and deployment strategies such as publishing to Azure. This video tutorial provides you with a comprehensive, clear, and easy-to-follow guide to creating RESTful services with ASP.NET Web API. The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/packtpublishing/restful-services-with-asp.net-web-api
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February 2014
2 hours 4 minutes

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  • Fanie Reynders

    Fanie Reynders is a Microsoft Certified Professional from South Africa and a web Technology Evangelist in his own right, with over 9 years of development experience on the Microsoft stack. He actively writes and speaks about the technology he loves to anyone who is willing to listen and has recently been featured in the DNC Magazine, as well as presenting at Microsoft Dev4Devs conference.

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Haven't finished yet, but very good so far.
You need to watch an equivalent title on pluralsight. I found this title dull and i was one I was actually looking for!! The guy sounds like a robot. I HATE TEXT TO SPEECH!!!
RESTful Services with ASP.NET Web API [Video]
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