Reimagine Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

By Sathish Veerapandian , Harsharanjeet Kaur , Ashok Madhvarayan and 1 more
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About this book

The breakout of the pandemic has forced the world to embrace remote working and the modern style of virtual business. However, end users may find it challenging to cope up with this sudden change in the working style, not aware of all the features and remote working tools available to make their life easy. Microsoft Teams is an exceptional platform, adopted by many organizations for unified communication and collaboration, and this book will help you to make the most of its capabilities.

Complete with step-by-step explanations and screenshots, this book guides you through the topics that you'll find useful in your daily use of Teams. You'll learn how to manage your teams and projects with Microsoft Teams in a structured and organized way. The book provides hands-on information with a focus on the end user side to help corporate users to increase productivity and become a Microsoft Teams superuser. Finally, you'll explore the most effective ways of using the app with best practices and tips and tricks for making the most of the features available for your scenario.

By the end of this Microsoft Teams book, you'll have mastered Microsoft Teams and be fully equipped as a modern collaboration end user to effectively increase your remote work productivity.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Authors

  • Sathish Veerapandian

    Sathish is a Certified Microsoft IT Consultant and a Microsoft MVP with extensive experience in Office 365, Azure, Exchange Servers, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams with full Telephony, Teams Room Systems automated deployment, Azure Monitoring Solutions, Unified Communications, Microsoft Intune, IRMS solutions, PowerShell Automation and Microsoft identity management.

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  • Harsharanjeet Kaur

    Harsharanjeet’s skill set has allowed her to wears many hats during her career including being a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Architect, DevOps Engineer PowerShell Expert, M365 and PreSales Consultant.She also has experience in Perimeter and Edge Security and has worked with clients from government and corporate vertical panning across US, UK, Asia-Pacific and many more.

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  • Ashok Madhvarayan

    Ashok is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Blogger, Author at Cloudexchangers, Real world technical contribution via Microsoft Communities (QnA). Extensive knowledge and experience in Messaging (Microsoft Exchange Servers), Cloud (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, EMS) and services including Infrastructure (Windows Server, Active Directory, ADFS, ADCS, File Servers, SCCM), Unified Communication (MS Teams, Skype for Business, Video conferencing room systems, Surface Hub), Virtualization (Hyper V) and Database (SQL)

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  • Sriram Rajamanickam

    Sriram is a Microsoft Certified consultant with proven experience in Microsoft Cloud Technologies specialized in Microsoft 365, Azure, Intune, AIP, Windows Domain, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Windows Servers, and Windows Virtualization. He is a Senior Specialist currently working with Government Entity responsible for operating Government Shared Services with respect to Microsoft Technologies and for their successful cloud Journey.

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Reimagine Remote Working with Microsoft Teams
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