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This course covers the essential concepts in Python 3 showing how to implement them in various applications. You’ll learn about Python 3.x new features and develop the skills required for building robust, easily scalable, and maintainable code in Python.Throughout this course, you will be building multiple applications ranging from simpler ones to more complex ones. Learning by doing has its advantages as you will immediately see the concepts explained in action. You will learn how to build scalable, resilient, and effective applications as real-world projects in Python 3.x that suit your software requirements and also furthers your understanding of the Python programming language. By the end of the course, you will build upon your basic programming skills taking your programming skills to another level and conveniently build projects with Python 3.x as per your need.

The GitHub link to the course is here: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Real-World-Projects-in-Python-3.x

Style and Approach

A step-by-step and fast-paced guide that will help you learn different techniques and tools to tackle a practical problem and take your Python skills to the next level. This course takes a bottom-up approach for developing a variety of user-friendly real world applications using Python 3.x.

Publication date:
April 2019
2 hours 23 minutes

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Real World Projects in Python 3.x [Video]
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