Real-time Filmmaking and Animation with Unity 2022

By Jodessiah Sumpter
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About this book

As the film industry has evolved throughout recent years, the use of a real-time film making engine that allows for “live” updates to things like characters, lighting, sounds and camera positions continues to gain importance. The Unity 3D platform has embraced supporting this need through the addition of real-time workflow support that equips animation creators with tools for real-time creation, iteration and collaboration for productions.

This book aims to guide you in your journey by presenting the fundamentals of filmmaking utilizing some of the core tools of Unity. You'll learn to outline your project plan, how to tell a story using Unity, how to use various Unity 3D/third party tools for animation and how to build a working film that can be distributed across various platforms. You will build scenes, import characters into the scenes, add animations, and create dialogs to give your film life. In addition you will gain knowledge on the effective use of camera positions, lighting, sounds and atmosphere to enhance the audience’s relation to the story you are telling.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create your own short film(s) and videos with character(s), and other items found in the set of scene(s) sequences you have selected.

Publication date:
June 2023

About the Author

  • Jodessiah Sumpter

    Jodessiah Sumpter is the founder and CTO of Tech Levitate, a gaming and innovation studio located in Atlanta GA. As a digital musician, indie film actor and game developer, Joe enjoys creating amazing entertaining content on various platforms. Also as a leader in software development and innovation, he has developed award winning Android, iOS and Smart TV applications since 2008 using various frameworks, APIs, and SDKs. Joe has over 20 years of technical leadership and software engineering experience at Fortune 500 FinTech, nonprofit and start-up companies. He has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Managed Information Systems plus has a Post Master's certificate in Marketing.

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Real-time Filmmaking and Animation with Unity 2022
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