Quantum Computing Experimentation with Amazon Braket

By Alex Khan
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About this book

Amazon Braket is a cloud-based pay-per-use platform for executing quantum algorithms on different types of cutting-edge quantum computers and simulators. This single platform is ideal for developing robust, high-performance applications with the latest quantum devices.

With this book, you'll take a hands-on approach to integrating your current business applications and AWS data with Amazon Braket to develop quantum algorithms that will modernize the way you design useful quantum applications. You'll begin with an introduction to the Amazon Braket platform and learn about the devices currently available on the platform, their benefits, and purpose. Then, you'll will review key quantum concepts and algorithms critical to converting real-world problems to a quantum circuit or binary quadratic model based on the appropriate device and its capability. The book covers various optimization and security use cases, along with a detailed explanation of the code. Finally, you'll work with a framework using code examples that will help to convert or enhance your use cases or existing code to quantum and quantum-inspired technologies.

By the end of this book, you'll have built your own quantum applications on Amazon Braket, pushing the limits of the current quantum gate, annealing, and simulated hardware.

Publication date:
February 2022

About the Author

  • Alex Khan

    Alex is a quantum computing instructor at Harrisburg University. He has conducted research in financial portfolio optimization, using annealing and gate quantum computing leading to a stock picking service and cited papers as Chief Product Officer at Chicago Quantum. He manages the quantum penetration testing at QuSecure. He has been consulting on VR game environment optimization using D-Wave. He advised on fixed asset optimization using linear programming and quantum computing at Quantum Thought. He was also a researcher and advisor on a COVID optimization project using D-Wave annealing quantum computer. He is a former health IT executive and holds a BSME from Purdue, MSME from KSU, MBA from Duke and Quantum Computing certificate from MIT|xPro.

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Quantum Computing Experimentation with Amazon Braket
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