Professional Scala

By Joao Azevedo , Mads Hartmann , Nimish Narang and 1 more
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About this video

Professional Scala teaches you how to build and contribute to Scala programs, recognizing common patterns and techniques used with the language. You'll learn how to write concise, functional code with Scala. After an introduction to core concepts, syntax, and writing example applications with scalac, you'll learn about the Scala Collections API and how the language handles type safety via static types out-of-the-box. You'll then learn about advanced functional programming patterns, and how you can write your own Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the skills you need to successfully build smart, efficient applications in Scala that can be compiled to the JVM.

Code Bundle can be found at:

Publication date:
November 2018
8 hours 40 minutes

About the Authors

  • Joao Azevedo

    Joao Azevedo is a software engineer currently working at ShiftForward, a company in the online advertising industry. He focuses on building distributed, highly performant, and scalable systems, as well as applying machine learning techniques to solve some of the online advertising industry's problems.

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  • Mads Hartmann

    Mads Hartmann is a software engineer with a fondness for automation and programming languages, especially statically typed functional ones. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Copenhagen and he is currently working as a full-stack engineer at Family. He is active in the Copenhagen developer scene and has organized a meetup group for people interested in Scala.

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  • Nimish Narang

    Nimish Narang has graduated from UBC with a degree in biology and computer science in 2016. He has developed Mobile apps for Android and iOS since 2015. He is focused on data analysis and machine learning from the past two years and has previously published Keras and Professional Scala with Packt.

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  • Ruslan Shevchenko

    Ruslan Shevchenko is a system architect and a software developer who is focused on building reliable software systems. During his career patch, he was involved in projects using many languages, from Scala, Java to C++, C, Perl, and Tcl in numerous areas, such as telecommunications, OSS/billing systems, finance, code analysis, social integration, system utilities. In terms of architecture, his specialist domains are large-scale software systems and distributed processing.

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