Practical Mobile Forensics - Fourth Edition

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By Rohit Tamma , Oleg Skulkin , Heather Mahalik and 1 more
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    Section 1: iOS Forensics
About this book

Mobile phone forensics is the science of retrieving data from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions. This updated fourth edition of Practical Mobile Forensics delves into the concepts of mobile forensics and its importance in today's world.

The book focuses on teaching you the latest forensic techniques to investigate mobile devices across various mobile platforms. You will learn forensic techniques for multiple OS versions, including iOS 11 to iOS 13, Android 8 to Android 10, and Windows 10. The book then takes you through the latest open source and commercial mobile forensic tools, enabling you to analyze and retrieve data effectively. From inspecting the device and retrieving data from the cloud, through to successfully documenting reports of your investigations, you'll explore new techniques while building on your practical knowledge. Toward the end, you will understand the reverse engineering of applications and ways to identify malware. Finally, the book guides you through parsing popular third-party applications, including Facebook and WhatsApp.

By the end of this book, you will be proficient in various mobile forensic techniques to analyze and extract data from mobile devices with the help of open source solutions.

Publication date:
April 2020


Section 1: iOS Forensics

This section will provide you with an overview of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as an overview of the operating systems and filesystems they run. You will learn about the different types of forensic acquisition methods, including logical acquisition and filesystem acquisition, the process of jailbreaking, performing forensic analysis on the most common artifact sources, and how to work with popular mobile forensic software.

This section will consist of the following chapters:

About the Authors
  • Rohit Tamma

    Rohit Tamma is a senior program manager currently working with Microsoft. With over 10 years of experience in the field of security, his background spans management and technical consulting roles in the areas of application and cloud security, mobile security, penetration testing, and secure coding. Rohit has also co-authored Learning Android Forensics, from Packt, which explain various ways to perform forensics on mobile platforms. You can contact him on Twitter at @RohitTamma.

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  • Oleg Skulkin

    Oleg Skulkin is a senior digital forensic analyst at Group-IB, one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. He holds a number of certifications, including GCFA, GCTI, and MCFE. Oleg has also co-authored Windows Forensics Cookbook, and Learning Android Forensics, both from Packt, as well as many blog posts and articles on digital forensics, incident response, and threat hunting that you can find online. You can contact him on Twitter at @oskulkin.

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  • Heather Mahalik

    Heather Mahalik is the senior director of digital intelligence at Cellebrite. She is a senior instructor and author for the SANS Institute, and she is also the course lead for the FOR585 Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth course. With 18 years of experience in digital forensics, she continues to thrive on smartphone investigations, digital forensics, forensic course development and instruction, and research on application analysis and smartphone forensics.

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  • Satish Bommisetty

    Satish Bommisetty is a security architect currently working with JDA. His primary areas of interest include web and mobile application security, cloud security, and iOS forensics. He has presented at security conferences, such as ClubHACK and C0C0n. Satish is one of the top bug bounty hunters and is listed in the halls of fame of Google, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo, Salesforce, and more, for identifying and reporting their security vulnerabilities. You can reach him on Twitter at @satishb3.

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Practical Mobile Forensics - Fourth Edition
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