Power Platform Administration Guide

By Ilya Fainberg
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About this book

It used to be that if an organization wanted to build a business app or processor integration, you had to hire a team of developers or an outside firm to do it; and not just for the initial development either, you’d need a maintenance team for the entire lifetime of the app. Being able to afford custom enterprise apps was an exclusive club.

Fortunately, we are entering a new age where none of it is true. With PowerApps, you can build a functional, useful mobile app in literally an hour. With PowerAutomate, you can get data from any system, process it, and send it to another system by just pointing and clicking. Portals give you a scalable web app solution, integrated with your business data out of the box. All of it runs seamlessly in the cloud, non-stop, on a global scale.

This book is about what makes it all possible: The Power Platform. You will learn what it is made of and how to configure each component, how to make sure your apps run smoothly, and deep dive into how the platform is deployed with industry-specific examples, based on real-world implementations.

The Power Platforms offers a plethora of opportunities for makers, citizen developers, and professional developers. With the skills acquired from this book, you can be the one who makes those opportunities become reality.

Publication date:
March 2023

About the Author

  • Ilya Fainberg

    Ilya Fainberg started out as an enterprise applications developer 20 years ago and focused primarily on ERP, CRM, and industrial automation systems. He worked with many different technologies until finally finding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and later, the Power Platform. Since then, Ilya implemented solutions in 40 countries for anything from local companies to global organizations, from banking and insurance to football clubs and naval exploration. He is an avid traveler, pilot, sailor, coder, builder, and, most importantly, a lifelong technology enthusiast

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Power Platform Administration Guide
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