Pareto Analysis Masterclass: A Complete Guide to the 80:20 Rule [Video]

By Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence
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About this video
Pareto analysis has been in existence for over a century but still proves to be an extremely useful tool even today. Pareto analysis is also considered one of the most critical tools and is included in the seven basic tools of quality. Whether you are working in manufacturing or service, the Pareto analysis will help you identify the root causes for any business problem. Pareto analysis can be created in Excel or any spreadsheet that has the ability to produce bar and line charts. This tool, the Pareto analysis, can be used as a standalone tool or you can use it in projects as well. Having adequate knowledge of the Pareto analysis and understanding it step-by-step will help you recognize the root causes in your production or service processes. As you identify the problems using Pareto analysis, you will be fully equipped to solve them and understand the solutions before implementing them. This Pareto analysis masterclass is filled with practical knowledge and easy-to-follow steps to guide you in creating your first Pareto analysis. After completing this Pareto analysis masterclass, you will be able to master the ability to look at those vital few root causes that are impacting your business process. Thus, you will be able to build efficiency, improve productivity, reduce idle time, reduce cost, and systematically improve customer satisfaction. All resources and code files are placed here:
Publication date:
June 2021
0 hours 31 minutes

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  • Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence

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Pareto Analysis Masterclass: A Complete Guide to the 80:20 Rule [Video]
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