Microsoft OneNote 2016 [Video]

By Simon Sez IT
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About this video

In today’s information-driven world, effective management of your information is crucial. Microsoft OneNote 2016 for beginners is for those with no previous experience, or upgrading from a previous version of OneNote. This 6-hour course includes:

Covers exciting features new for OneNote 2016.

A complete explanation of the toolbars and interface.

Discover how to use the OneNote interface.

Organize notes and other information into a virtual junk drawer.

Explore the Ribbon interface and how to work with touch devices.

Learn how to create and manage notes.

Discover how to effectively insert images and screen clippings.

Explore the benefits of using tables to help organize your information.

Discover how to protect your notes.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at:

Publication date:
July 2019
6 hours 21 minutes

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  • Simon Sez IT

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Microsoft OneNote 2016 [Video]
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