Mastering pandas - Second Edition

4.6 (5 reviews total)
By Ashish Kumar
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    Section 1: Overview of Data Analysis and pandas
About this book

pandas is a popular Python library used by data scientists and analysts worldwide to manipulate and analyze their data. This book presents useful data manipulation techniques in pandas to perform complex data analysis in various domains.

An update to our highly successful previous edition with new features, examples, updated code, and more, this book is an in-depth guide to get the most out of pandas for data analysis. Designed for both intermediate users as well as seasoned practitioners, you will learn advanced data manipulation techniques, such as multi-indexing, modifying data structures, and sampling your data, which allow for powerful analysis and help you gain accurate insights from it. With the help of this book, you will apply pandas to different domains, such as Bayesian statistics, predictive analytics, and time series analysis using an example-based approach. And not just that; you will also learn how to prepare powerful, interactive business reports in pandas using the Jupyter notebook.

By the end of this book, you will learn how to perform efficient data analysis using pandas on complex data, and become an expert data analyst or data scientist in the process.

Publication date:
October 2019


Section 1: Overview of Data Analysis and pandas

In this section, we give you a quick overview of the concepts of the data analysis process and where pandas fits into that picture. You will also learn how to install and set up the pandas library, along with the other supporting libraries and environments required to build an enterprise-grade data analysis pipeline.

This section is comprised of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to pandas and Data Analysis
  • Chapter 2, Installation of pandas and Supporting Software
About the Author
  • Ashish Kumar

    Ashish Kumar is a seasoned data science professional, a publisher author and a thought leader in the field of data science and machine learning. An IIT Madras graduate and a Young India Fellow, he has around 7 years of experience in implementing and deploying data science and machine learning solutions for challenging industry problems in both hands-on and leadership roles. Natural Language Procession, IoT Analytics, R Shiny product development, Ensemble ML methods etc. are his core areas of expertise. He is fluent in Python and R and teaches a popular ML course at Simplilearn. When not crunching data, Ashish sneaks off to the next hip beach around and enjoys the company of his Kindle. He also trains and mentors data science aspirants and fledgling start-ups.

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Latest Reviews (5 reviews total)
I haven't spent much time with it so far, but a helpful book and definitely worth the sale price.
An excellent overview of Pandas and the most prominent adjacent libraries, including interactive examples further exploring the underlying concepts. A few editing errors meant that some code examples need changes to work and some data sets are not included in the supplementary code. Overall this isn't a major problem for understanding the material.
Very reasonable price for the contents.
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Mastering pandas - Second Edition
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