Mastering JavaScript Essentials Novice to Professional [Video]

By Shahzaib Kamal
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About this video

JavaScript is a programming language used for building websites and applications to be browsed by users. It has become one of the most popular languages for software development. In this course, our goal is to make the most comprehensive JavaScript course out there. You will start by creating your very first webpage, and then move on to a fancy IDE and deal with Visual Studio code.

You will then learn JavaScript basics to get started and write your very first JavaScript app. This includes adding comments, string and number data type, variables in JavaScript, variable naming conventions, JavaScript Boolean, undefined data type, and much more.

Once you understand intermediate JavaScript such as multiple arrays, array inside an object, playing with inner HTML, and more, then you will learn about JavaScript ES6, ES7, ES8, and the latest ES9 version. You will also learn object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

By the end of this course, you will gain a strong understanding of programming in JavaScript and be able to work and build your own creative JavaScript projects.

The complete code bundle is available at

Publication date:
April 2022
7 hours 36 minutes

About the Author
  • Shahzaib Kamal

    Shahzaib Kamal is a full-stack web developer and instructor with 10 years of experience working with a wide range of technologies such as Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, and other web development tools. He is an author on various online learning platforms with around 14 published courses and 3,35,000 students onboard. Currently, he works at Tipdesk as a content manager.

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Mastering JavaScript Essentials Novice to Professional [Video]
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