Linux Service Management Made Easy with systemd

By Donald A. Tevault
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About this book

systemd is a new type of Linux init system for today’s high-performance, multi-CPU, and multi-core hardware that is now used on all major enterprise-grade Linux distros. The main goal of this Linux systemd book is to help you get an in-depth understanding of systemd to set up your servers securely and efficiently.

This book starts by explaining systemd management, which will help you manage your servers effectively. You’ll then learn how to edit and create your own systemd units, which will be particularly helpful if you need to create custom services or timers and add features or security to an existing service. Next, you'll understand how to analyze and fix boot-up challenges and set system parameters. Later, you'll come across cgroups, that'll help you control system resource usage for both processes and users. The book also shows you how cgroups are structured, the differences between cgroups Version 1 and 2, and how to set resource limits on both. Finally, you'll learn about the systemd way of performing time-keeping, networking, logging, and login management. You'll discover how to configure servers accurately and gather system information to analyze system security and performance.

By the end of this Linux book, you’ll be able to efficiently manage all aspects of a server running the systemd init system.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Author

  • Donald A. Tevault

    Donald A. Tevault - but you can call him Donnie - got involved with Linux way back in 2006, and has been working with it ever since. He holds the Linux Professional Institute Level 3-Security certification, and the GIAC Incident Handler certification. Donnie is a professional Linux trainer, and thanks to the magic of the internet, teaches Linux classes literally the world over from the comfort of his living room. He's also a Linux security researcher for an IoT security company.

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Linux Service Management Made Easy with systemd
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