Learning Rust [Video]

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By Leo Tindall
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About this video

Rust is a new systems programming language from Mozilla, created to facilitate the development of large, complex software projects. Its powerful type system and memory safety rules prevent all memory corruption bugs without compromising developer productivity.

In this course, you’ll begin by getting familiar with the basic syntax and concepts of Rust, from writing a Hello World program to defining functions and creating variables. Then you’ll see how to manage toolchains with Rust up and build your first command-line program.

Moving on, you’ll explore Rust’s type system to write better code and put it into practice in a simple markup language. You’ll learn to use Rust’s functional programming features to perform a physics simulation and use the Rayon crate to parallelize your computations. Finally, you’ll discover the best practices and test your code by building a simple crate with a tested, usable, well-documented API using Cargo and RustDoc.

By the end of the video, you’ll be comfortable building various solutions in Rust. You’ll be able to take advantage of Rust’s powerful type system and a rich ecosystem of libraries, or “crates”, available through the Cargo package manager.

The code bundle for this video course is also available on Github: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-Rust-video

Style and Approach

This course uses examples to demonstrate Rust programming concepts. You’ll learn each element of the Rust programming language by building a small application, and then analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the approach used. You’ll also rebuild some applications more than once to demonstrate different ways to solve the same problem.

Publication date:
August 2018
4 hours 14 minutes

About the Author

  • Leo Tindall

    Leo Tindall is a software developer and hacker from San Diego whose interests include scalability, parallel software, and machine learning.

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Latest Reviews

(1 reviews total)
Clear, understandable introduction to programming with Rust. Good for experienced programmers, but an easy organized pace that does not overwhelm you with too much detail.

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Learning Rust [Video]
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