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Python features numerous numerical and mathematical toolkits such as: Numpy, Scipy, Scikit learn and SciKit, all used for data analysis and machine learning. With the aid of all of these, Python has become the language of choice for data scientists for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

This video aims to teach Python developers how to perform data analysis with the language by taking advantage of the core data science libraries in the Python ecosystem. The learning objective for viewers is to understand how to locate, manipulate, and analyse data with Python, with the ability to analyse large and small sets of data using libraries such as Numpy, pandas, IPython and SciPy.

This is a two part series. The first series is focused on getting and manipulation sizeable amounts of data using modern techniques. The second series is focused on advanced analysis of the data to include modern machine learning techniques.

Style and Approach

Through the course, you will come to understand the different disciplines of data analysis using hands-on examples where you actually solve real-world problems in Python.

Publication date:
March 2017
5 hours 55 minutes

About the Author

  • Benjamin Hoff

    Benjamin Hoff is a Mechanical Engineer by education, he has spent the first 3 years of his career doing graphics processing, desktop application development, and facility simulation using a mixture of C++ and python under the tutelage of a professional programmer. After rotating back into a mechanical engineering job, Benjamin has continued to develop software utilizing the skills he developed during his time as a professional programmer.

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Some video produces I brought could not be downloaded. There was no indication stating that fact. Other than that major fault very pleased
Learning Python Data Analysis [Video]
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