Learning Apache Storm for Big Data Processing [Video]

By Prashant Nair
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    Introducing Real-time Processing
About this video
Apache Storm is a distributed real-time processing engine. Created by Nathanmarz for Backtype and later open sourced under Apache License 2, it's a scalable and a fault-tolerant engine used to process a massive number of unbounded streams. In this course you will see how simple yet efficient Apache Storm is when it comes to real-time processing. In the course, you will learn about data processing types followed by Apache Storm and its features. You'll learn the core concepts of Apache Storm such as spouts, bolts, topology, and stream grouping, and set up Apache Storm in single-node and multi-node configurations. Also you'll explore how fault-tolerant Apache Storm is. Taking this course will kick-start your experience with Apache Storm; you'll create a scalable, fault-tolerant, real-time processing application while setting a strong base for the fundamentals of the real-time processing paradigm and Apache Storm. All the code and supporting files for the course can be found here- https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-Apache-Storm-for-Big-Data-Processing
Publication date:
July 2018
2 hours 35 minutes

About the Author
  • Prashant Nair

    Prashant Nair, founder of CognitoIT Consulting Pvt Ltd, developed a keen interest in IT technologies, which led him to pursue his passion as a career. His organization provides training and consultancy on niche technologies such as big data, Cloud, Virtualization, and DevOps tools. Presently, Prashant is an established corporate trainer and big data consultant with more than 15 years' experience in datacenter and cluster implementations, cloud computing, big data, DevOps, and Virtualization. He has also worked in the big data domain as a Solution Architect and Hadoop consultant. He has trained lakhs of professionals in big data, cloud, and DevOps tools. He also enjoys writing technical blogs on his website https://bigdataclassmumbai.com. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at https://in.linkedin.com/in/prashant-solution-architect.

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Learning Apache Storm for Big Data Processing [Video]
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