Learn WinUI 3.0

By Alvin Ashcraft
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About this book

WinUI 3.0 takes a whole new approach to delivering Windows UI components and controls, and is able to deliver the same features on more than one version of Windows 10. Learn WinUI 3.0 is a comprehensive introduction to WinUI and Windows apps for anyone who is new to WinUI, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and XAML applications.

The book begins by helping you get to grips with the latest features in WinUI and shows you how XAML is used in UI development. You'll then set up a new Visual Studio environment and learn how to create a new UWP project. Next, you'll find out how to incorporate the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in a WinUI project and develop unit tests for ViewModel commands. Moving on, you'll cover the Windows Template Studio (WTS) new project wizard and WinUI libraries in a step-by-step way. As you advance, you'll discover how to leverage the Fluent Design system to create beautiful WinUI applications. You'll also explore the contents and capabilities of the Windows Community Toolkit and learn to create a new UWP user control. Toward the end, the book will teach you how to build, debug, unit test, deploy, and monitor apps in production.

By the end of this book, you'll have learned how to build WinUI applications from scratch and modernize existing WPF and WinForms applications using WinUI controls.

Publication date:
March 2021

About the Author

  • Alvin Ashcraft

    Alvin Ashcraft is a developer who lives near Philadelphia. He has spent his 25-year career building software with C#, Visual Studio, WPF, ASP.NET, and more. He has been awarded the Microsoft MVP title nine times. You can find his daily links for .NET developers on his blog, Morning Dew. He works as a principal software engineer for Allscripts, building healthcare software. He was previously employed by software companies, including Oracle. He has reviewed other titles for Packt Publishing, including C# 8 and .NET Core 3 Projects Using Azure, Mastering Entity Framework Core 2.0, and Learn ASP.NET Core 3.

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