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R is a high-level statistical language and is widely used among statisticians and data miners to develop statistical applications. This solution-based video will be your guide, taking you through different programming aspects with R.

Beginning with the basics of R programming, this video provides step-by-step resources and time-saving methods to help you solve programming problems efficiently. Starting with the installation of R, each recipe addresses a specific problem with a discussion that explains the solution and offers insight into how it works.

You will learn to work with powerful R tools and techniques. You’ll be able to boost your productivity with the most popular R packages and tackle data structures such as matrices, lists, and factors. You’ll see how to create vectors, handle variables, and perform other core functions. You’ll be able to tackle issues with data input/output and will learn to work with strings and dates.

Moving forward, we’ll look into more advanced concepts such as metaprogramming with R and functional programming. Finally, you’ll learn to tackle issues while working with databases and data manipulation.

Style and Approach

The course takes a practical and incremental approach. Concepts are introduced sequentially and demonstrated with examples in a live console or scripting environment. Exercises are provided to reinforce key topics and support learning.

Publication date:
August 2017
1 hour 29 minutes

About the Author

  • Dr. David Wilkins

    Dr. David Wilkins has been writing R for over a decade. He is the author of a number of popular open-source R packages, two previous Packt Publishing courses on the R language, and over a dozen scientific publications involving R analyses. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Science and a PhD in molecular genetics.

    David has a particular passion for creating beautiful and informative statistical graphics, and enjoys teaching people to use R to find and express insights in their own datasets.

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