Infrastructure as code with Azure Bicep

By Yaser Adel Mehraban
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About this book

It’s no secret that developers don't like using JSON files to declare their resources in Azure because of issues such as parameter duplication and not being able to use comments in templates. Azure Bicep helps resolve these issues and this book will guide you as a developer or DevOps engineer to get the most out of the Bicep language.

The book takes you on a journey from understanding Azure ARM templates and what their drawbacks are to how you can use Bicep to overcome them. You will get familiar with tools such as Visual Studio Code and Bicep extension, Azure CLI and PowerShell, and Azure DevOps and GitHub for writing reusable, maintainable templates. Next, you’ll test and deploy the templates to an Azure environment either from your own system or via a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. The book features a detailed overview of all the Bicep features, when to use what, and how to write great templates which fit well within your existing pipelines or in a new one. The chapters progress from easy to advanced topics and every effort has been put into making them easy to follow with examples, all of which are accessible via GitHub.

By the end of this book, you’ll have developed a solid understanding of Azure Bicep and be able to create, test, and deploy your resources locally or in your CI/CD pipelines.

Publication date:
February 2022

About the Author

  • Yaser Adel Mehraban

    Yas is a self-thought and motivated software engineer and solution architect who lives in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne Australia. He is currently working as an Azure technical trainer for Microsoft. Some might know him as the almond croissant addict cleverly disguised as a successful web developer. He has over a decade experience working in verity of different teams and has helped them adapt DevOps and Infrastructure as Code to be able to increase team productivity when it comes to cloud resource deployment. Furthermore, he has a true passion for sharing knowledge which has motivated him to give many international conference talks, write hundreds of technical blog posts, and publish courses on platforms such as Pluralsight. When he is not working, he mostly spends his time with his family or on his woodworking projects which vary depending on how much space is left in the house.

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Infrastructure as code with Azure Bicep
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