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TensorFlow is one of the most popular deep learning frameworks available and can be used for solving real-world applications such as analyzing images, generating data, natural language processing, intelligent chatbots, robotics, and more. This course will allow you to add such features without going deeply into machine learning or deep learning.

This course will show you how to develop smart applications the easy way using the power of TensorFlow and to add intelligent features to make your applications smarter without delving into deep learning. You will begin by setting up the environment required to get started quickly followed by building and deploying your first machine model. Next, you will use TensorFlow Lite, which is well optimized for on-device machine learning. As we proceed further, you’ll get hands-on practice in building applications on different platforms such as iOS and Android. Lastly, you will get some crucial tips on how to make your existing applications smarter.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only be comfortable with using TensorFlow for building applications but will also be able to integrate the power of artificial intelligence in your mobile apps.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-TensorFlow-for-Smart-Application-Development

Style and Approach

 Full of hands-on instructions, interesting and illustrative examples, and clear explanations. Easy to understand with practical examples and minimal theory.

Publication date:
October 2018
1 hour 17 minutes

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  • Saikat Basak

    Saikat Basak is currently working as a machine learning engineer at Kepler Lab, the research & development wing of SapientRazorfish, India. His work at Kepler involves problem-solving using machine learning, researching and building deep learning models. Saikat is extremely passionate about Artificial intelligence becoming a reality and hopes to be one of the architects of its future.

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