Hands-On Deep Learning Algorithms with Python

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By Sudharsan Ravichandiran
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  1. Section 1: Getting Started with Deep Learning

About this book

Deep learning is one of the most popular domains in the AI space that allows you to develop multi-layered models of varying complexities.

This book introduces you to popular deep learning algorithms—from basic to advanced—and shows you how to implement them from scratch using TensorFlow. Throughout the book, you will gain insights into each algorithm, the mathematical principles involved, and how to implement it in the best possible manner. The book starts by explaining how you can build your own neural networks, followed by introducing you to TensorFlow, the powerful Python-based library for machine learning and deep learning. Moving on, you will get up to speed with gradient descent variants, such as NAG, AMSGrad, AdaDelta, Adam, and Nadam. The book will then provide you with insights into recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and LSTM and how to generate song lyrics with RNN. Next, you will master the math necessary to work with convolutional and capsule networks, widely used for image recognition tasks. You will also learn how machines understand the semantics of words and documents using CBOW, skip-gram, and PV-DM. Finally, you will explore GANs, including InfoGAN and LSGAN, and autoencoders, such as contractive autoencoders and VAE.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with all the skills you need to implement deep learning in your own projects.

Publication date:
July 2019


Section 1: Getting Started with Deep Learning

In this section, we will get ourselves familiarized with deep learning and will understand the fundamental deep learning concepts. We will also learn about powerful deep learning framework called TensorFlow, and set TensorFlow up for all of our future deep learning tasks.

The following chapters are included in this section:

About the Author

  • Sudharsan Ravichandiran

    Sudharsan Ravichandiran is a data scientist and artificial intelligence enthusiast. He holds a Bachelors in Information Technology from Anna University. His area of research focuses on practical implementations of deep learning and reinforcement learning including natural language processing and computer vision. He is an open-source contributor and loves answering questions on Stack Overflow.

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Hands-On Deep Learning Algorithms with Python
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